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Taylor Schell Martinez 
UX Researcher/Human-Centered Designer

Even at a young age, if I had a question, I knew the answer could be found through research. Ever since, I have been a research fanatic who frequently falls down the rabbit hole of curiosity and informative inquiry. My love for observing people in an attempt to understand their varied behaviors led me initially to anthropology. Humans, technology, and their interactions have especially captivated me; fueling a deep desire in me to explore, observe, and research ways to create more functional, user-friendly, and inclusive technologies. This led me to Computer Science and then Product Management and User experience research which allows me to blend my love of research with my fascination for employing user-centered research and technology to improve lives.


I truly try to understand both the users’ and the stakeholders’ needs and goals. I have a lot of experience collecting and analyzing qualitative data, especially via interviews and surveys. I am open-minded and make interviewees feel comfortable enough to discuss very intimate and private experiences with me. My paid  roles have all involved developing more inclusive health technologies. This experience has led me to excel at survey and interview instrument design, qualitative and quantitative data analysis, product management, project management, communication, remote teamwork, and peer-reviewed publications.


I love to learn and am currently seeking a UX/HCD Researcher role that will not only allow me to use my current skillset but one that encourages new skill development and growth. Please look at my CV and portfolio to get a better understanding of the skills I would bring to your company. I am open to both in-person and remote positions and am open to relocation.


My past projects have focused on underrepresented populations and have been predominately related to health, but the love of new knowledge leaves me open to learning new areas and processes.  Feel free to read my resume, browse my portfolio, and please reach out if you have an opportunity I would be a fit for.

Here is what my last supervisor had to say about me:

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